RBGG associate Aaron Fischer was featured for his work as a legal advocacy volunteer by the American Diabetes Association in the July 2014  edition of Diabetes Forecast.  A link to the story is provided here and the profile set out below.

Aaron Fischer

Age: 32

Location: San Franciso

He’s lived with type 1 diabetes since he was 19 years old, and uses an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. As a lawyer, he’s a longtime member of the ADA’s Advocacy Attorney Network. He also recently started the Bay Area Diabetes Legal Advocacy Attorney Committee.

How he started: As a law student, Fischer attended one of the ADA’s Fighting for Fairness conferences. “I got to know the other attorneys and was really motivated and inspired by all the great stuff they had been doing,” he says. Fischer assisted on several legal issues before he passed the bar exam, and when he was hired at his practice in 2010, he requested to do pro bono work on diabetes issues. His company agreed. Now Fischer’s legal advocacy work includes employment rights, health care in prisons, and Safe at School issues.

Encouraging words: “When you’re helping someone else with diabetes, you can feel like it’s something that’s also moving the ball forward for your own family and friends with diabetes. That’s important.”