Our firm regularly handles cases related to higher education.  One of our founding partners, Sandy Rosen, was a tenured law professor before he resigned to practice law full time. We represent students who are survivors of sexual assault and harassment making Title IX and related claims, as well as students who are facing academic discipline or need accommodations for their disabilities.  We also represent university faculty members in tenure and promotion denial cases, and we represent faculty and staff in discrimination, equal pay and other employment matters.  We have represented many students, faculty, and staff in both public and private universities.

  • We represent faculty members at a major university seeking pay and status adjustment.
  • We represent an undergraduate student at a university who was assaulted by peers and had to leave school as a result of the trauma.
  • Over many years, we have represented many faculty in tenure denial cases, most recently having represented a professor who successfully fought denial of tenure and promotion at his university.  He had been denied tenure  as retaliation for his advocacy for his female colleague, and because he objected to racist writing and teaching by one of his department colleagues.  Our client is now a fully tenured professor.
  • We have represented several undergraduate students at a major private university who survived sexual assault, harassment, retaliation, and stalking in Title IX matters, including advising them throughout the Title IX investigations and relevant disciplinary proceedings for their attackers, and in some cases obtaining confidential settlements for our clients. 
  • We have represented several students in post-graduate professional programs seeking disability accommodations and challenging unwarranted academic discipline.