On November 3, 2023, Judge Anthony Battaglia of the Southern District of California approved the parties’ joint motion for class certification, certifying one class and three subclasses.  The order is attached here.  According to Gay Grunfeld of RBGG, lead counsel for plaintiffs, “This is a major victory for our clients and a huge step forward in our ongoing efforts to reform San Diego’s unconstitutional and discriminatory jail system.”

This federal lawsuit challenges the County of San Diego, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and San Diego County Probation Department for their collective failure to provide adequate, accessible and safe living conditions, and medical and mental health care for people incarcerated in county jails.  It also seeks to address the rights of individuals to pursue claims without attorney representation and to address over-incarceration in county jails of people of color.

Class Notice, 11-03-23   

Notificación de certificación de acción de clase, 11-03-23 

Selected Media Coverage

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