A front page article in the San Francisco Chronicle on August 5, 2018, After Sinead Talley was sexually assaulted, Stanford invited the man back on campus, examines Stanford University’s response to sexual assault complaints through the eyes of RBGG client Sinead Talley. 

According to the article:   “Talley is speaking out to accuse the world-renowned university of protecting students who commit sexual assault by downplaying the severity of their behavior and rarely expelling them.  The data appear to back her up: Stanford received reports of 84 campus rapes from 2014 to 2016, according to information the university provided to the U.S. Department of Education, which requires campuses to collect crime statistics under the Clery Act. Stanford told the federal agency it received 33 of the rape reports in 2016 alone.  Yet the university expelled no students for sexual assault in those years.” 

The article concludes with a quote from Sinead: “To get to the end and have them say, ‘Yeah, we unanimously agree, he definitely assaulted you’ — and that warrants zero action,” was beyond stressful, she said.  The outcome “is not disappointing,” she added. “It’s criminal.”

Michael Bien, Jenny Yelin, and Gay Grunfeld represented Sinead in this matter.