For the past year, RBGG’s Jeffrey Bornstein and Jenny Yelin have been representing Marco Senghor, a popular San Francisco Bay Area restaurant owner charged with illegally obtaining citizenship.  Senghor, who had originally faced more serious charges, plead guilty to making a false statement on an immigration-related document.  In a San Francisco federal courtroom filled with family friends and supporters on August 22, Senghor was sentenced to one year probation, a $1,000 fine and community service. 

According to Bornstein, “I have been a criminal lawyer since 1989 and probably been at hundreds of sentencings as either a prosecutor or defense attorney.  This is the first time that the audience in the courtroom erupted in spontaneous applause after the Court handed down his sentence.  It was very emotional for Marco, his family and his supporters who believe in him not withstanding his crime. “

Senghor, who is known for his community work and generosity as an employer, received letters of support from such luminaries as Joan Baez who wrote, “My basis for supporting Marco doesn’t come from the longevity of our relationship, rather from witnessing his compelling personality, dedication to his club, and the atmosphere of joy and safety his club offers all races.”

Selected media coverage:

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