RBGG’s Jeff Bornstein joined several leading San Francisco lawyers in providing perspective to The Recorder on the appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s role in the U.S. Presidential election in 2016.  In the Recorder article, “Mueller’s ‘Unflinching Gaze’: Colleagues, Adversaries Share Northern District Stories,” Jeff, who served under Mueller in the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Francisco, provided the following comment:

“Bob always expected straight, honest answers to his questions.  I recall one case in particular where he gathered his senior staff and asked each of us what we thought about a specific position he was planning to take in a case. As we sat down, Bob told us, “I know what Jeff thinks, that I’m full of **it.”  I remarked that while I would not have been so colorful in my characterization, he was on the right track.  During that meeting, after a full discussion of everyone’s viewpoint, Bob modified his position and we reached a consensus.

After 9/11, I remember thinking that we could not have picked a better person to step in and take control of the FBI in such a perilous time for our country. I feel that in view of the very serious allegations against the president and his administration, Bob will ensure that there is a prompt, full, and impartial investigation.  I fervently believe that Bob will put country over politics; he will follow the facts and enforce the law—no matter where it leads.”