RBGG’s Jeff Bornstein was a participant in California Lawyer’s 2017 White Collar Roundtable that examined how white collar regulatory and enforcement priorities might change in the Trump Administration and how they might stay the same.   The full discussion is available here: 2017 White Collar Defense Roundtable

To kick off the discussion, which included three other leading practitioners, Jeff was asked about the Trump administration’s white collar priorities.  He responded:

“They will use a fairly simple approach: get the “bad guys.”  In the first instance, they will likely focus on violent crime and immigration.  But, I think that there will be continued interest in going after people they consider to be “fraudsters.” . . . Incoming SEC Chair Jay Clayton seems focused on rooting out fraud in our capital markets.  The issue is whether the new budget will provide the SEC with the resources it will need to conduct appropriate investigations.  Also it seems clear that both the DOJ and SEC intend to go after individuals as opposed to corporations.  Based on my experience, that usually means so-called “low hanging fruit” and not necessarily the people  in upper management.”