A recent Super Lawyer’s article, What Can You Do to Protect Your Data from Internet Service Providers, relies on RBGG’s Michael Bien to outline the consequences of new federal legislation that repealed online privacy protection rules forbidding internet service providers from misusing individuals’ browsing histories, including shopping habits and location.

According to Michael, “The cancellation and withdrawal of these rules puts all of us at serious risk.  These rules were designed to limit and restrict what companies could do with your personal data.”

He goes on to say:  “Any time a government agency or a private entity is collecting mass amounts of information about us, we all should be concerned because no matter how well intentioned they are and how wonderful the purpose may be, that information can be accessed by somebody— whether it’s a government entity or private party or a foreign government. Once the information exists, it can be tapped—with or without a court order.”

He also outlines several ways citizens can fight back:  “I think, as a customer in California, you should demand that your company tells you what they’re doing with your data,” says Bien. “A tool we have as consumers is to organize and respond. … Find out what your company is doing and protest. We’ve seen some of this recently, where companies reacted to a strong attack against some corporate practice on Twitter, Facebook or in the media.”