RBGG and the Bien-Kahn family have establlished the Jane Kahn Prison Law Fellowship at UCLA School of Law in the memory of our beloved friend and colleague Jane Kahn who passed away in December 2018.  (See RBGG mourns the passing of Jane Kahn.)

The Jane Kahn Prison Law Fellow will be a current law student who will support the work of UCLA Law’s Prison Law Program, headed by Profesor Sharon Dolovich.  The Fellow will be selected by Professor Dolovich to serve during the academic year to support the work of the Program and to pursue their own initiatives consistent with its mission, which is to educate UCLA Law students about prison law issues and to train the next generation of prisoners’ rights lawyers. 

According to Jane’s husband, Michael Bien, “Jane saw the law and her work as something that had to move the ball of social justice forward, of remedying discrimination, remedying things she saw were failures in our society. She touched a lot of people.  She was a powerful leader in humanizing clients and helping people understand the severity of their suffering and the enormity of their conditions.”

We are proud to be honoring Jane with the lasting legacy of Jane Kahn Fellowship and would be  very pleased to have her friends join us in supporting the program.  You can donate directly to the Jane Kahn Prison Law Fund by clicking here.  Thanks to all for your sympathy and support.

According to the UCLA Law Prison Law Program’s webpage: “The Prison Law and Policy Program is committed to examining the ‘back end’ of the penal system and to exploring the way the law structures all aspects of the contemporary experience of criminal punishment in the United States, from the sentence to the administration of penalties (whether fines, probation, incarceration, or death) through the challenges of reentry and the many ‘collateral consequences’ imposed on people with criminal convictions.”