RBGG’s Michael Bien provides commentary on the damaging impact of adult prison life on juveniles  in the 30 minute PBS FRONTLINE film, Stickup Kid.  The film can be viewed online here: pbs.org/frontline/stickup-kid

“Stickup Kid, a 30-minute FRONTLINE digital exclusive film, tells the story of Alonza Thomas — who, at age 16, was sent to adult prison after being charged with armed robbery shortly after California enacted a new tough-on-juvenile-crime law.  Alonza went on to spend more than a decade behind bars.  The documentary is a provocative look at a major social issue for which there are no easy answers — and it gives new insight into the ongoing debate over prison reform in America.  It was produced in association with the Investigative Reporting Program at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.”