RBG’s Gay Grunfeld was instrumental in the creation of the Childrens’ Waiting Room in the San Francisco civil courthouse in 1991.  A Winter 2011 San Francisco Attorney story entitled “Small Spaces, Big Hearts: Visiting San Francisco Courts’ Children’s Waiting Rooms” tells the story of the Waiting Rooms on their 20th anniversary. 

“Twenty years ago, members of the San Francisco Women Lawyers Alliance (SFWLA) felt compelled to create a safe haven for children who accompanied their parents or guardians when they had business at court. . . Since lower-income families were most affected, the program also needed to be free of charge. ‘Not all people can afford nannies,’ explains Gay Grunfeld, a partner at Rosen, Bien & Galvan, who was then president of SFWLA and the project’s director. ‘The courts should be accessible to all people. We must take care of the children so it’s possible for [the adults] to take care of their business.’” 

Full text of the article is set out here.