In the ongoing federal lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional and unlawful conditions in San Diego County jails, Dunsmore v. San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, plaintiffs have attained much needed reforms to the San Diego County Jail system, including accessible and safe housing and sign language interpretation.  On June 21, 2023 the Court approved the Joint Motion and Order re Accessibility at Central Jail, Effective Communication Policy and Practice, and Provisional Class Certification which is linked here.

According to an article in the San Diego Union Tribune on June 21, “The plaintiffs sought an injunction in late April, asking a judge to order the Sheriff’s Department to do more to serve disabled people incarcerated in the county’s jail system.  A hearing on the request was scheduled for June 30, a hearing date that apparently helped secure the settlement.  Attorneys representing the 15 plaintiffs said they were pleased with the agreement and predicted it will help stop needless injuries and suffering in county jails.”

RBGG’s Gay Grunfeld, lead counsel for plaintiffs is quoted in the article: “Under the stipulation, the county will begin reducing its reliance on triple bunks and will undertake long overdue disability renovations at Central Jail.  The county will also revise its ADA policies to ensure safe and accessible housing and effective communication for incarcerated people with disabilities.” 

As laid out in the Stipulation and Order, attorneys for plaintiffs will be monitoring the County’s compliance with the order for at least the next three years.