RBG’s Ernest Galvan is one of a small group of attorneys around the state to receive the 16th annual California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year Awards.  Galvan was honored with co-counsel Michael Brown of the Law Offices of Michael Brown for a precedent-setting, unanimous victory in the California Supreme Court in REAOC v. County of Orange

According to California Lawyer editors:  “BROWN and GALVAN won a decision from the California Supreme Court that “vested benefits” can stem from implied agreements (such as past practices) just as much as from a specific contract or ordinance approved by a government agency. As a direct result of BROWN and GALVAN’s victory on behalf of retirees in Orange County, others can now argue authoritatively that they are entitled to continuing benefits as a result of consistent practices by their public entity employers.”

More about Galvan and Brown’s victory in our previous post, “RBG Prevails for Orange County Retirees in California Supreme Court.