An LA Times article in the December 3, 2010 edition reported that “Three Compton residents are suing the city for alleged violations of the California Voting Rights Act, contending that the city’s elections are stacked against Latino candidates.  The complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges that the at-large elections for City Council seats have the effect of diluting the Latino vote.”  RBG’s Gay Grunfeld and Blake Thompson represent plaintiffs, along with co-counsel Joaquin Avila. 

National Public Radio (through KQED Radio’s “California Report”) did a segment on the case on January 17, 2011 entitled “Compton’s Latino Voters Want Electoral Changes” in advance of a hearing in the case to be held on January 18.  A December 11 blog post by former Compton Bulletin Editor Allison Jean Eaton provides further perspective on the case.