A year after a night out in Historic Folsom on St. Patrick’s Day ended in the emergency room, a local resident has filed a civil rights suit charging that a Folsom police officer caused serious nerve damage when she unlawfully tasered him. In a a complaint filed in federal court in Sacramento on March 17, 2010, Orangevale resident Micheal Daniels relates how the Folsom officer tasered him without warning as he was walking to his designated driver’s car, leading to the loss of full use of his left arm and preventing him from returning to work in the year following the incident.   Sandy Rosen, Ernest Galvan, and Amy Whelan of RBG and Geri Green of Law Offices of Geri Lynn Green, LC, are representing Mr. Daniels in this matter.

The complaint charges the Folsom police department with excessive force, failure to properly train officers in the use of force, including the use of electronic weapons such as the Taser, and condoning the use of Tasers on suspects who do not pose any danger or threat.   Read the full press release. Read the Sacramento Bee article from March 18 about the case.