On July 24, 2019 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of RBGG’s clients and vacated a district court decision that would have required Google to disclose RBGG’s clients’ private email account information in the context of a now-closed international litigation matter.  The court’s decision is here: Khrapunov v Prosyankin 18-16254 7-24-2019

According to RBGG’s Michael Freedman who argued the appeal in the Ninth Circuit on December 20, 2018, “The Ninth Circuit reached the common-sense conclusion that a foreign litigant cannot use the American court system to obtain evidence for use in foreign litigation once that litigation comes to an end.  We are hopeful that the Ninth Circuit’s decision will put an end to this matter and the foreign litigant’s attempts to harass and intimidate our clients.”  Jeff Bornstein and Cara Trapani were the other RBGG attorneys on the case. 

The court’s decision was covered by Law360, Kazah man can’t get Google data in asset freeze suit,  July 24, 2019