The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on February 8, 2012 that Rahinah Ibrahim, a former Stanford PhD. student who was arrested at San Francisco International Airport in 2005 on her way to her native Malaysia, can sue the U.S. government over her  placement on its No Fly List, which has kept her from re-entering the United States.  RBG’s Sanford Jay Rosen and Maria Morris and the Asian Law Caucus filed a friend of the court brief in the case.  The court’s opinion is available here.

The Daily Journal quoted Rosen in their story on February 9:  “This is a very significant decision.  People like Ms. Ibrahim have been subjected to extraordinary restraints, despite a lot of false positives and later corrections.”  The DJ article goes on to say, “Rosen said it was the first terror watchlist case to have reached the federal appellate level.”

More about the decision and Ms. Ibrahim’s story in news coverage about the case:

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