RBGG’s Gay Grunfeld was included in a KQED Radio “California Report” story on December 1, 2014 focused on California’s Alternative Custody Program (“ACP”), “Women Inmates Wrap Up Sentences Outside Prison Walls.”

RBGG has brought a federal lawsuit challenging California’s blanket and unconstitutional exclusion of male prisoners from the ACP.

An excerpt from the KQED story, which is available in full here, is set out below:

“There’s also a push to expand the program to men.  One inmate is suing the state for rejecting his application for alternative custody. His attorney, Gay Grunfeld, says her client needs to connect to his two kids as much as any female prisoner would.

“He could support himself and his family,” Grunfeld said. “He would earn a lot more out in the community than he could possibly earn in prison, and he could see his children much more easily.”

A federal judge will hear the case next year.”