RBGG’s Lisa Ells and Gay Grunfeld have been named to the Daily Journal’s Top Women Lawyers list for 2022.  This year’s award is the second for Ells and the 11th for Grunfeld.

In the DJ profile, Ells speaks about her career path: “I didn’t know you could be a lawyer working on behalf of incarcerated people or people with disabilities and make that a career.  I found that it was possible to combine my interest and passion for making the world better, with something I felt I was naturally inclined toward, the law.”

Ells goes on to say, “I have this nice balance in my practice between working on individual cases with people who have suffered acute discrimination, while also engaging in very large cases that can provide for systemic change and help a lot of people.”

In their profile of Grunfeld the DJ writes, “She graduated law school hoping to be a public interest lawyer and make a difference in people’s lives.  She’s been doing just that for over 25 years, focusing on complex civil litigation with an emphasis on civil rights, business and employment litigation.”

Grunfeld commented for the profile: “All of these cases involve situations in which government entities are not living up to their promise.  They are violating the public trust by allowing discrimination and indifference to bring harm to people in their care, or to those who work for them.  It’s a great honor to be able to fight against those derelictions and violations of civil rights to try to effectuate change.”