The Daily Journal published an article on February 26, 2013 detailing the latest developments in Coleman v. Brown, “Prison officials buried critical report, plaintiffs claim – Consultant’s report found prisoner suicide prevention program lacking and that corrective action needed.”

According to the article:  “State officials ‘buried’ a report by a government-paid consultant who was critical of the prison system’s suicide prevention program, according to a filing by plaintiffs in a case accusing the state of providing inadequate care to inmates due to prison overcrowding.”

The article goes on to quote RBGG’s Michael Bien who represents the Coleman class: “I can tell you that people have died since he wrote his report. . . Changes that he suggested should have been made.  In other words, if they had brought his report out in the open, if they had implemented it, lives could have been saved, and to me that is unforgivable.”