The Daily Journal has named RBGG’s Jenny Yelin to the Top Labor & Employment Lawyers List for 2023.   Yelin, who has been with the firm since 2012, has worked with numerous clients in the public and private sectors to resolve actual or potential civil litigation concerning employment discrimination, wage and hour violations, and other workplace disputes.  She frequently negotiates employment agreements and separation agreements for employees at all levels, including executives.

The DJ profile of Yelin discusses a case filed by Yelin and co-counsel Legal Aid at Work in June 2023  against California’s Employment Development Department (“EDD”).  The class action filed in Alameda Superior Court alleges that the EDD is failing to properly inform plaintiffs and other claimants when it makes extremely consequential decisions retroactively denying claimants benefits, accusing claimants of committing fraud, and demanding repayment of past benefits.  More about that case here.

Yelin is a trained mediator and a member of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California’s mediation panel. She mediates a variety of civil cases, including Americans with Disabilities Act and employment matters.  She is also a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA), and serves as a mediator and adjudicator of complaints by members regarding alleged reverse auction settlements by other CELA members.  She regularly volunteers as a supervising attorney for the San Francisco Workers’ Rights Clinic operated by Legal Aid at Work.