RBGG founding partner Sanford Rosen has resolved numerous ERISA and benefits cases as an arbitrator, mediator, and early neutral evaluator. He has also successfully litigated and settled pension issues on behalf of a group of former Pan Am pilots following Pan Am’s bankruptcy.

Additionally, the firm handles employee benefits litigation in both the public and private sectors. 


  • In 2011, RBGG partner Ernest Galvan argued the landmark Retired Employees Association of Orange County, Inc. Orange County case, where the California Supreme Court established that public employee retirement health benefits are governed by ordinary contract rules, which cannot be abridged based on employer arguments that special, more restrictive rules apply. See REAOC v. Orange County, 52 Cal. 4th 1171 (2011).
  • Since 2012, the firm has represented the Los Angeles Retired Firefighters and Police Association in a writ proceeding to restore adjustable retirement health benefits that the City of Los Angeles froze by ordinance in 2011.  After prevailing in the trial court, partner Ernest Galvan and associate Jenny Yelin briefed and argued the case in the Court of Appeals.  In 2016, the Court of Appeals ruled that the City Council should revisit adjustments to the health benefit annually, and remanded the matter to the superior court for further proceedings.